The “Introduction to basic Cooking” will teach you all the fundamentals you need to know, without the complexities of a full-time course. Now you can learn how to cook without bankrupting yourself while having the freedom to carry on with your normal life.

It’s an 8-day, a hassle-free culinary journey that will change your life forever and your perception of food and cooking, and it could possibly start you on a culinary journey into the career path of a chef.


Module 1

The Kitchen Basics- This class deals with the very fundamentals of working in a kitchen successfully and safely:

How to organize your kitchen so that less time is wasted on searching.

for ingredients and equipment, and more time is spent on doing what you love best- cooking!

How to hygienically clean and sanitize your kitchen and keep it clean and organized while cooking.

How to successfully select the best possible ingredients.

How to manage your pantry effectively.

How to identify ingredients and select quality ingredients.

How to handle your knives and equipment safely and economically.

How to handle yourself safely in your kitchen.

How to season and flavour like a master.

How to deal with waste and what to do with it.


Module 2

How to make different stocks, soups and sauces, which are the foundation of any successful kitchen.

Module 3

How to make and cook pasta and rice and other starches just right

Module 4

How to cook vegetables deliciously perfect (including vegetarian cooking)

Module 5

How to select, truss, trim, cut, portion and cook poultry

Module 6

How to identify quality meat cuts, and cook them flawlessly

Module 7

How to quality select, distinguish, clean and prepare different fish and shellfish

Module 8      

How to prepare basic desserts, cakes, biscuits and pastries.


The fee is N$ 10 000.00 per person and this amount includes all the ingredients.

A certificate of attendance will be issued.