This Qualification is unique as you can choose the path you want to follow, after you have done the Core subjects.

It allows learners to learn, develop and practice the skills required for employment and/or a career in the hospitality sector.

There are Five (5) pathways available to learners for this qualification (of which ONE must be selected).

  • Food and Beverage Service
  • Reception
  • Conferencing and events
  • Food Production
  • Cocktails and Mixology


All pathways require learners to complete the following core units:

  • Customer
  • Business
  • People
  • First Line Supervision/Team Leading
  • Hospitality Team Member in Practice


On successful completion of the above units, learners must complete the unit allocated to their career path.

  • Core Units Taking Place from 4th March – 29 March 2024
  • Food and Beverage Service (8-19th April 2024) Cost N$ 15 000.00
  • Reception (13th-25 May2024) Cost N$ 15 000.00
  • Conference and Event Operations (3-14 June 2024) Cost N$ 15 000.00
  • Food Production (15th July -2nd August 2024) Cost N$ 20 000.00
  • Alcoholic Beverage Service (Cocktails/Mixology) (12-23 Aug 2024) Cost N$ 18 000.00

The course includes:

  • Introduction to hygiene and safety at the workplace
  • Customer service in the hospitality industry
  • Food & beverage service
  • Introduction to healthy eating
  • Basic food preparation and cooking
  • Preparing and serving drinks
  • Front office operations
  • Health and food safety awareness in catering
  • Introduction to kitchen equipment
  • Understand menus
  • Dealing with payments and bookings
  • Hot beverage skills
  • Guest services in the hospitality industry
  • Preparing the dining area for service
  • Essential knife skills for the catering industry
  • In-service training
  • Industry service experience
  • Final assignment- research on topic of choice (submitted within 6 months after final exams)
  • Graduation


  • Grade 11 (we do not work on a point system) with English and maths literacy.

  • An interview and aptitude test are conducted per candidate.

  • 16 – 30 years old

  • Prepared to work long hours.

  • Will get sore feet, cuts, and burns.

  • Committed to work public holidays,

Payment structure:

Intake is in February and June

An application fee of N$ 350.00 is payable on submission of application

Course fees include:

  • Learning material, (USB with the portfolio of evidence)

  • Registration and exam fees (Rewrites at candidates’ own cost)

  • Culinary arts student’s ingredients for block release practical’s


Not included in the fees:

  • Safety Shoes

  • Reassessment fee of N$ 600.00 for practical’s

  • Registration fee for rewrite of exams

  • Access to a good quality electronic device (laptop, tablet, or iPhone with Microsoft word) and own Gmail address per candidate

  • Breakage fee of N$ 600.00


Fee Structure for the Mandatory Course

Option 1

Full amount paid upfrontN$ 30 000.00
Less 5%N$ 1 500.00
Amount payableN$ 28 500.00

Option 2

Non-refundable deposit payable as per confirmation of acceptanceN$ 3 000
2 monthly instalments from school startN$ 13 500.00

How to apply for our courses

Step 1:

Complete the application form.

Email or deliver this to us.

We will then contact you for an interview and aptitude test.

An application fee of N$ 350.00 is payable on submission of application

Step 2:

At your interview:

Original signed application

Certified copy of your ID

Certified copy of your qualifications


Step 3:

If successful, you will receive an acceptance letter and statement of account.

Payment of the non-refundable deposit will confirm your place.

The Full–time Diploma in Hospitality classes are held from Monday to Friday each week from 09h00 till 16h00.

Students are also required to work the occasional evening function.

Students will complete an internship at a suitable establishment in line with their career path.

To ensure that each student receives personal attention, each course is limited to 12 applicants per intake, which guarantees hands-on teaching. The academy accepts both matriculated and non-matriculated students who show a natural flair for cooking, a passion for food, and an aptitude for entertaining and hosting guests.